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Cabin interpretation service

4.500.000 VNĐ

  • Highly-qualified interpreters
  • Experienced in cabin interpretation
  • Being able to translate new specialties
  • Ensuring the high quality
  • Providing with international interpreters as requirements
  • Cabin interpretation service
Cabin interpretation service

4.500.000 VNĐ

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You are in need of simultaneous/cabin interpretation whose interpreters often sit in a sound-proofing cabin, listen to speeches and interpret through a microphone. Interpreters have to simultaneously translate into target languages while the spokesman is making speech.

Internationally standardized cabin interpretation service

This type is suitable for conferences, workshops, big events of groups, government agencies. Thus, it requires highly-qualified interpreters.

This is considered as one of the most difficult type of translation as interpreters and spokesman have to make a speech simultaneously. Therefore, interpreters are required to have listening skills, quick response and high qualification. As a result, it is hard to choose a good cabin interpreter.

With the team of professional interpreters and standardized interpretation process, we have confident in providing the interpretation service with the highest quality and competitive price for customers, contributing to the success of conferences of big domestic and international groups and enterprises.

Experienced team of interpreters

With great efforts in many years, Trans24h have always recruited and trained highly-qualified, enthusiastic and professional team of interpreters who are willing to fulfill all requirements of customers because we know that quality is their top priority. Our team of interpreters in Trans24h are all bachelors, masters and professors graduated from reputable domestic and international universities.

Multi-language interpretation with quality-ensuring translating process.

With the team of experienced and professional interpreters, Trans24h currently provides customers with multi-language interpretation with more than 50 languages and specialties. With the standardized and high quality translating process. Generally, in the process of cabin/conference interpretation, interpreters have to use headphones and sit in a sound-proofing booth. Interpreters will listen through a headphone and interpret simultaneously by using the micro system in the cabin.

Ensuring the progress and the most reasonable price

Our profession and accuracy in the providing time are highly appreciated by customers in many years. We ensure to provide suitable interpreters right after customers give us information. Trans24h with the conference/workshop interpretation service always leads the market about the price with a view to making maximum profits and providing the cheapest price for customers.


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