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Eviction translation service

1.200.000 VNĐ

  • Make sure the translation process goes smoothly
  • Observe what the source language says.
  • Highly specialized vocabulary.
  • Find out in advance the topic, content and area of the translation
  • Translates to more than 20 popular languages
  • Better translation of 50 rare languages
  • Nationwide service.
  • Commitment to quality at competitive prices
Eviction translation service

1.200.000 VNĐ

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Interpretation is a type that after the listener completes a piece of the original language, the translator will begin to convey the target language to the listener. During the process of translating, the translator can suggest the speaker to stop or repeat the speech just to serve the translation too better.

Service service or serial

Continuing translators are often used in exhibitions, seminars, and conferences where contracts are being signed, interpreting at schools, commercial transactions or tour guide interpreters … Currently service is most requested because it is easy to organize and set up, many more often used when there is no support tools needed for the version, and there are only a few Foreign language speakers attend.

Form service is a difficulty of translating the form. Ask a member of a translator who has a high level of foreign language knowledge in translation and interpretation skills that needs to be able to memorize in a short time and to take notes to synthesize problems. can convey all the speaker’s content.

Trans24h is proud to be the leading service provider of translation and interpretation services in Vietnam. Through years of continuous effort and understanding of customers’ needs, Trans24h is always the best choice and has commitments. surrender:

Professional team of translators

Understanding the requirements of customers, Trans24h always selects and trains expert versions to ensure quality for customers’ projects. Our team of translators, I have both bachelors, masters, graduating progress at famous domestic and foreign universities and have a lot of experience working in the field of translation and translation. Most of the versions of our project, I have been successfully implemented and received good feedback from the client.

Multi-language translator with quality guaranteed versions

With a team of professional interpreters at Trans24h, we provide a service version for customers with 50 translation languages ​​and many different specialties with the best quality guaranteed service version. Due to the typical format of serial translation, after a few minutes have passed by the listener, the interpreter will take notes of the main ideas and the translated version to the target for the listener. In this format, the translator can pause the speaker, or ask them to repeat, explain to ensure accuracy when translating. Interpreter members can satisfy with speakers in advance about the length of a sentence in the spoken language to ensure high translation results.

Ensure exact time and reasonable cost

The professionalism and accuracy in our delivery time, I have always been highly appreciated by customers for many years. We can almost provide the correct translation with the request right after the customer provides the information. Trans24h with the services of the next service / the marketing of the following service, always leading the Price in the market with the desire to create maximum profits for customers and the lowest cost.


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