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Russian Translation

50.000 VNĐ

‘- Translate Vietnamese <-> Russian
– Highly qualified translators
– Notarization fast, cheap
– Translate all documents about profile, documents, books, texts
– Translate all other fields
– Price translation only from VND 55000/ 1 page
– Price notarized translation from VND 15000/ 1 copy


Russian Translation

50.000 VNĐ

Yêu Cầu Gọi Lại
Mã: Russian Danh mục:

Trans24h translation provide the fastest and most accurate translation services from Russian to other languages:

  • Russian <-> Vietnamese
  • Russian <-> Chinese
  • Russian <-> Korean
  • Russian <-> Thai
  • Russian <-> French
  • Russian <-> English
  • Russian <-> Laos
    so on

Translate from Russian into all other languages

  • Trans24h translation office notarize translation in Russian of personal profiles, study records, visa applications (travel, family visit), bank account books, bank sub-books, red books, insurance books, payroll, payment slips salary, and all other common documents.
  • Trans24h translation office translate from Russian into more than 100 different languages, with over 300 different majors. Therefore, to Trans24h, you do not need to be afraid because the content you want to translate is difficult. We are confident that we will satisfy customers in any field of translation.

We provide the most accurate, professional and fast translation and notarized translation of specialized Russian documents:

Notarized translation in Russian:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Medical
  • Mathematics
  • Education
  • Books, magazines
  • Website

And translate all other specialized documents in Russian

Process of translation in Russian in Trans24h

Step 1: Receive translated documents

Customers can bring documents directly to the office, or send them by gmail of Trans24h translation ( If the document is hard copy, you can choose a courier.

Step 2: Select translator

After reviewing the content of the document, defining the major and understanding the Russian translation requirements of the document, Trans24h will transfer the document to a qualified Russian translator with professional experience expertise to ensure accurately translation.

Step 3: Translating and proofing
After the Russian translations have completed the translation, the editor and quality control section will check the accuracy of the original content. This process is done extremely carefully and professionally.

Step 4: Transfer documents to customers

The completed translation will be sent to customers in the desired delivery format and method. Trans24h translation ensures the timely translation of the translation and according to the requirements of the customer.

Commitment to customers about Trans24h’s translation services

  • Trans24h Translation is committed to providing customers with accurate Russian translations, keeping the content of the original documents correct, ensuring the use of accurate specialized terminology. Furthermore, the translation by experienced translators will have good writing style, smooth and seamless expressions, using a rich vocabulary to highlight the idea of documents.
  • With Trans24h, customers will not worry about the quality of the translation, whether this translation unit is professional or not, whether the expertise meets the requirements or how is the working progress? All those concerns will be thoroughly resolved by Trans24h for customers.

24h Notarized Translation Co.,Ltd

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